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April 2019 — 28 views Healthcare IAHSCMM

GAO Report Highlights Workplace Safety Issues with Meat and Poultry Plants

February 2019 — 42 views Meat Poultry

Ethylene Oxide Can Be Used Safely

January 2019 — 27 views Chemical Exposure Ethylene Oxide

Do You Know the Risks of Using Chemical Biocides?

Will You Be at IPPE?

January 2019 — 31 views IPPE Poultry

Are Bleaching Chemicals Harmful?

January 2019 — 23 views

ChemDAQ Helps Write AAMI Guidance Report

Introducing Steri-Trac 2+ – The Next Generation of Gas Monitoring

Inspectors Say they Became Ill from PAA exposure

August 2018 — 35 views FSIS Meat Peracetic Acid Poultry USDA

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August 2018 — 31 views Chemical Exposure Peracetic Acid Poultry

What was considered SAFE years ago, may NOT be safe today!

Why Would You Only Monitor Dangerous Chemical Gases Once A Year?

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March 2018 — 33 views Healthcare IAHSCMM

What is Olfactory Fatigue? Do you have it?

February 2018 — 46 views Olfactory Fatigue Peracetic Acid

Peracetic Acid in the Regulatory Spot Light

February 2018 — 30 views Peracetic Acid Regulatory

Visit Us at IPPE

January 2018 — 32 views IPPE Poultry

Peracetic Acid (PAA) Risks at Poultry Plants

January 2018 — 38 views Peracetic Acid Poultry

Hydrogen Peroxide IDLH More Dangerous Than Ethylene Oxide