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Maintain a Safe Workplace

Biocidal chemicals like peracetic acid are very effective at killing bacterial contamination on meat, poultry and work surfaces. But, for those people who work in processing plants where large amounts of peracetic acid is used every day there is a significant risk of over-exposure.

Chicken plant worker sterilizing with chemicals.

Maintaining production is essential to remaining competitive; line disruption is costly. Monitoring for peracetic acid vapor levels in the air allows you prevent or address concerns in real-time, minimizing distractions and enabling you to identify which concerns need to be addressed immediately and which can be part of your regular maintenance schedule.

 and  SafeCide™  provide proactive monitoring solutions for maintaining safety when using PAA. Be sure to take measures to control airborne concentrations before the production line is at risk. If workers do become sick or injured, the safety of the peracetic acid itself or the chemical delivery and processing equipment can come into question. ChemDAQ provides you with the tools you need to take the guess work out of managing a major safety hazard for your workers and your business.

Monitoring solutions for Meat Processing.


CHemdaq Resources

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